17 Aug 2011

Voguely Van's International August Giveaway!!! (Bag, Bowtie and Bangles)

Another ordinary day, while browsing some new blog posts here in blogger, I accidentally saw this post about Voguely Van's International August giveaway!

Here giveaways are lovely and chick!
 Check this out!

3-tone faux ostritch skin satchel!

a set of blue,black and silver bangles! 

dotted red bow-tie!

Don't you just want these? And the best part is she will ship wherever you are! :) So, why not try it ladies? You might get a chance! ;)
The mechanics are in here blog: VOGUELY VAN

12 Aug 2011


I love weekends! and I'm back! After those busy days, I finally got the time to blog. I have so many things in my mind. BUT, first, let me tell ya. Finally, I went ukay-shopping! Though I only bought few clothes cause my money was only limited. haha! Poor me. I went to ukay with Ate pat(my bro's GF). She was is so nice, really! I owe her! And we have this same likes when it comes to ukay. and oh! I love her vintage LV bag which her grandma gave her. Too bad I wasn't able to take a pic of it, but it was so nice! We went to different ukay stores in cubao. Our first stop over is near gateway, and we were lucky they were on sale! 50 each! Any items! I spotted this very vintage polka dot dress! Very fab and vintagey! But I have to have it repaired because it's too long, but it's really nice! I kept on thinking about it while looking at other clothes
and finally bought it!

I'm so so lovin this vintage dress!

BURBERRY! AUTH! FOR ONLY 224.00 pesos!

The brand of the white one is ZARA:)

You know, going to thrift stores makes me happy and overwhelmed seeing those vintage and unique pieces. I'd rather spend my day on thrift and vintage stores than being on malls. Seriously! I hope next week, I'll be able to go on my ukay-hunting again:) I'm planning to learn how to repair clothes:) I mean like to sew, so that I won't be having problems when the clothes I bought is too small or too big, atleast I can repair it myself and I could add embelishments on it. What do you think? :)