27 May 2011

The 500 peso bill.

well, it's been sometime since I posted. So, yes, you read it right, I have a 500 peso bill in my wallet and that was supposed to be spent on the shampoo,soap,hair polish and other hygiene stuff. Then, when I was on my way to the grocery,instantly, on the other side of the street, this "bag" attracted my attention from a thrift shop, and I ended up buying it, for 300 pesos, so I only have 200 right? Then I told myself, only this bag! Suddenly the lady told me they have new release of shirts and blouses, I wasn't tempted to check it, then I saw a uber cute long blouse with ribbon details. it was so so sooo cute and I couldn't resist, and there I was spending my whole money.haha! I hate it. I really need to stop being an impulsive buyer. darn! On the start of June, I will really, really have to stop being such an impulsive buyer, that's what I promised to myself, I hope it happens, oh God, help me.*whispers* :D
So here's what I got, some fabulous shirts and blouses.

                                                       Got soo lucky in this one! :)
                                                                     LACED babe!



                                                                       uber fab! cropped top!


10 May 2011

When I get so pissed off, I go to thrift stores and shop.

Haha. True! This day really pisses me off! My mother keeps on nagging and nagging, and she says the same things again and again! And inside my mind I was like.. "the fuck.don't you ever get tired of nagging? do you even hear what your saying?!! FHGAGLGH;irhjnlg;rwihu;WOJN;LIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but I tell myself to calm down and just ignore her., after I did the chores she told me to do, I went out of the house, geesh! I really hate naggers! And I splurge my time and money on this thrift store! very unique and cheap finds! haha. Yes! And I have no money right now, but it's okay, atleast I got to forget the erupting-volcano-feeling caused by my moms' nagger attitude! the F***!

  In me:
  • sunglasses- rayban
  • blouse/blazer- Vintage.
  • shorts- thrifted
  • shoes- thrifted

5 May 2011


I knew someone, that you can really say "fashion-guru". My major subject teacher, she's already in her mid-years, but you won't even think of that when you see her strut her stuff! She's really cool, aside from being a single-mom and art teacher, she can make those old,torn, ugly things look beautifully unique! I love her style! I rarely know anyone like her, she makes and re-makes her own things from accessories, to bags, clothes, and even shoes! I want to have her creative mind! Haha. The best thing about her is she really has her OWN "personal style" :)

The Bag.



It's been a month since my last post. Lot of good and bad things happen. But I'm still here, alive, breathing, happy, thank GOD! Last week, I attended a fellowship in my church. It was a one week fellowship, it's our routine every summer to have this kind of activities. And everything were unexpected! I hang-out with those people whom I used not notice in the past few years of attending that fellowship, but this time, we were like super-duper-close! I was with them almost everyday, and I had so much fun with them.

                                                                        Girls Only :)

 with the boys :)

In one of our so-called- "tambay" as we call it in tagalog. We did a make-over on Dj, one of my new found girlfriend. With the help of, ate rissa, me, ate ann, sweet. This is what she looked like! The make up we used on her was nude to make it look natural but attractive. We also experimented on her hair, since she always ties her hair into ponytail, when she laid down her hair and fixed it, I was blown-away! I love her hair, shiny and smooth! And the best part is, it's naturally wavy! Very cute. We didn't use any dslr or slr in this photoshoot because it was all UNEXPECTED, only camera phones and digicam,so if you notice in the picture, it's like she's not wearing any make up at all like it's all, but in actual, in this scene she was a-bombed! she looked very simple yet eye-catching. What I liked about how she looks in this is shoot, is she can attract anyone without too much effort. Simply Beautiful.

Photo: Rissa Cabarles and Sunshine Cervantes
Make up: Rissa Cabarles

This one is my favorite!