27 May 2011

The 500 peso bill.

well, it's been sometime since I posted. So, yes, you read it right, I have a 500 peso bill in my wallet and that was supposed to be spent on the shampoo,soap,hair polish and other hygiene stuff. Then, when I was on my way to the grocery,instantly, on the other side of the street, this "bag" attracted my attention from a thrift shop, and I ended up buying it, for 300 pesos, so I only have 200 right? Then I told myself, only this bag! Suddenly the lady told me they have new release of shirts and blouses, I wasn't tempted to check it, then I saw a uber cute long blouse with ribbon details. it was so so sooo cute and I couldn't resist, and there I was spending my whole money.haha! I hate it. I really need to stop being an impulsive buyer. darn! On the start of June, I will really, really have to stop being such an impulsive buyer, that's what I promised to myself, I hope it happens, oh God, help me.*whispers* :D
So here's what I got, some fabulous shirts and blouses.

                                                       Got soo lucky in this one! :)
                                                                     LACED babe!



                                                                       uber fab! cropped top!



  1. love the haul! esp. the cropped anchor design. :)


  2. Thanks! I also love that one too! :D