10 May 2011

When I get so pissed off, I go to thrift stores and shop.

Haha. True! This day really pisses me off! My mother keeps on nagging and nagging, and she says the same things again and again! And inside my mind I was like.. "the fuck.don't you ever get tired of nagging? do you even hear what your saying?!! FHGAGLGH;irhjnlg;rwihu;WOJN;LIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but I tell myself to calm down and just ignore her., after I did the chores she told me to do, I went out of the house, geesh! I really hate naggers! And I splurge my time and money on this thrift store! very unique and cheap finds! haha. Yes! And I have no money right now, but it's okay, atleast I got to forget the erupting-volcano-feeling caused by my moms' nagger attitude! the F***!

  In me:
  • sunglasses- rayban
  • blouse/blazer- Vintage.
  • shorts- thrifted
  • shoes- thrifted

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