4 Apr 2011


Last friday night, I got so bored and I thought of something, 'why don't I try to rummage in my parents closet? maybe I can find something interesting'. So, I did it while my parents where out. And I did find something really interesting. I love their closet! HAHA. In my mom's closet, I found this adorable 'terno' piece that she used to wear waaaay back, like when I was not born yet, until now, it still looks fab! and so vintagey! In my dads', I found this YSL coat! He bought it also way back then! But still looks perfect! And the cool thing is, he bought it in a thrift shop in Baguio! They both gave to me those things I found in their closet! HAHA. I guess it was a good idea to rummage in their closet after all!



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