14 Jul 2011

A weekend in LUCBAN after exam week.

Maybe if you notice I haven't posted for like a week already. It's because of the prelim exams last week. I had a pretty busy sched. with all the exams,requirements, PLUS the early morning jogging every TTH and sunday.  I'm glad I survive that week. But before the exam week, a friend of mine, already asked me if I want to go with them over the weekend after exams. First I wasn't sure if my mom would let me, but in the end, I was still able to go with them and I was so happy. :) It was quite a long-trip. Like 3-4 hours?Though it depends on the flow of the traffic sometimes,and I hate getting stucked in heavy-traffics, especially when it's raining. Anyway, it was quite rainy that day, and the aircon inside the van was friggin' cold. And during the trip, me and Zarah, almost freaked-out inside the van because of the spider. Haha! That's why we weren't able to even take just a short-nap because of that spider. Then when we arrived in Lucban, I was like " Woo!" It was cold! I tell you, it really is the second little Baguio in the Philippines, I was amazed with the environment there, clean, cool weather, and you could just walk around the entire bayan, dikit-dikit and mga bahay, it may seem small, but be sure not to get lost there because of the many routes, that is
kinda-confusing. We stayed in ychi's house. And I finally met her twin sister! They looked so cute together, they look almost exactly like each other and the confusing-but-cute part is they also have the same voice! Haha! How I wish I also had a twin. :) On the night that we arrived we stayed in her aunt's house first, I wasn't able to take a picture of it because my camera has still no battery that night, but when I entered that small-house, I was surprisingly amazed! it was a small house if you look outside, but inside it was spacious and big!I love how they designed the interiors, from the tiles' to the the furniture's. Also, I love how the interior's look old but vintage, because of the antiques they have inside. They didn't hire any professional interior designer, but their a family that is attached to art and good in designing that's why the interior of the house looked that AWESOME. I told Ychi's mom that I want to have the same apartment as her aunt's house. And truly, I really want the same interiors for my own apartment! weee! Another thing, I love the famous pansit Lucban, I'd really love to eat that one again! Haha! 

We spent sabbath inside their house(sorry Jesus), and Sunday, we went to the famous Grotto in Lucban. The view was fascinating! But first, to see the fascinating view above, you have to go through the stairs all the way up to the statue of Jesus Christ above, and I say above the 200 plus steps of stairs! Haha! I also saw the Mount. Banahaw, it was beautiful. I wish I could look more closer to it, maybe next time:) On that day, I wore leggings! Yey! I rarely wear leggings cause of the hot weather here in the Philippines, but since it was cold there in Lucban even in daytime, I decided to wear leggings:) I love cold-weather outfits, leggings, scarves, knitted cardigans, jacket, gloves, beanies, and the FAB part, ze BOOTS! I love boots especially the one with ze Furrr! Too bad I wasn't able to bring my boots that time, but atleast I bought my lucky-red doll shoes, my ultimate FAVE! It looks adorable with my grey-hue outfit:3 NOTE TO SELF: always bright neutral hue shirts, either oversized/vintage tee/v neck/ they match with ANYTHING! and shoes please!I prefer shoes than sandals, I don't feel comfortable on sandals at all:( One thing most important to me is wherever I go, I always make sure I bring a bag to put my stuffs on, wallet, ballpen, phone, etc. I would not go out w/out a bag, I always bring stuff with me. 
It was hell tiring but we had super fun that day which I literally miss today. I promise to myself I will return to Lucban! 

pictures from me,zarah,ychi&lynda.
zarah,me,lynda,ate partz

the street.

I will post more pics on my second post on this topic:)
- shine

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