18 Nov 2011

The Revolution

I haven't been posting a lot since this second semester. I've been really busy with my hectic schedule. So, just recently I got my pictures from the photoshoot last sem. The theme for this is cultural revolution. I'm not pretty sure if my outfit fits the category. But my inspiration for this outfit is the vintage european fashion, where ladies wear long high-waisted pleated skirt, with peterpan collared and printed blouses, belts placed on the waistline, with gloves and plain heels . I find that outfit very classy, chic and so vintagey. I just love vintage, it's timeless beauty is just amazing.

Blouse, belt, Skirt- Vintage
Shoes- Bazaar
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jordan Florenciano Altoveros/ AUP FA senior student

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  1. your skirt is so lovely, great photos :D

    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other if you like, I would love to have more filipina blogger friends. thanks!