9 Sep 2011

Accessories: Rings obsession!

I'm currently on-the-way-to-be-obsessed on rings! Lately I've been keeping my eye on this cute vintagey rings. Also those awesome connector rings,spike rings, bottle cap rings, statement rings. Definitely cool!

photos are not mine. click the picture to see the original link.

Check out the Le Roux online shop, they sell these awesome rings and good quality! :)

love this!

lovin' this too.

 Darth Vader! Haha! CUTEE! I want one! :D

this will surely make you look like a rockstar!haha!

bottle cap rings! Love it!

Check this online shop too! It has a variety of designs of rings! and very very affordable!

i'mma rockstar! :D

These babies are the newest trend today. It can absolutely add a statement to any outfit :)


  1. Thanks for the tip, dear. Will check these shops. Been looking for those armor rings for the longest time. :) xx


  2. Those are very cute rings! I don't wear such but I find them really charming. I might try wearing one some time soon! :)