1 Sep 2011

Bonjour September!

Well, it's been a month since a month already since I last posted here, due to my very hectic daily schedule. But I'm glad to be back :) Anyways, let's all kiss August goodbye, and welcome September! It's the start of the BER month already, so better get your knitted sweaters,coats,jackets, those booties, scarves or anything that keeps you warm out of your pandora box cause it's gonna be a coooold season! Except that, in the Philippines when you say cold season, it does not include any "snow" thingy. haha! The air breeze is only cool and ofcourse don't forget the bad part-- the rain. Make sure you never wear those shoes that are never made  to rainy weather, it will get damaged easily. I prefer wearing boots on rainy days, it protects my pretty feet, and I feel like I'm in another country! LOLs! So, tell ya what? I like the cold season! Why? Hmm.. Because I like seeing people wearing those fashionable sweaters, trench coats with their boots and scarves! And don't forget those cutesy beanies! Ohh, not to mention, I also love knitted sweaters with patterns:) When I'm surrounded by people with that kind of outfit, it give's me a enlightening feeling. Honestly, I don't know why. But it makes ma smile seeing people with those kind of outfits. Maybe, because I, myself looovees, and I say really love the "FALL FASHION"- as we call it in other countries with these kind of weather season :)

Here's some sample:
images are in courtesy of GOOGLE.


Don't forget to add COLOR to your outfit to brighten up the gloomy weather:)

CAPES! They never go out of style!

See the beauty of Fall Fashion?  :)
 Once again, Ola September! 


  1. I love the cape trend! I feel a diy coming a long in that respects, a cape is such an easy thing to make and it could be so effective - perhaps fringing?

  2. Yes! I also do love the cape trend:) Very classy! Fringing would be nice to! It would be a very cute detail on the cape!

  3. I feel you on the fall fashion thing in PI. Wish I could wear these outfits here too. :) xx

  4. I know right!:) Especially those coats/boots with fur and capes! I really want to wear those, except that it's not suited with the wether here. -.-