28 Mar 2011

Japan and the World

It's so sad. Japan was again hit by a 6.5 intensity earthquake this morning. They had not yet recovered from the previous 9.1 earthquake, and the tsunami disaster, then here comes another earthquake. Though, based on the news I've watched just now, there were still no information about any accidents or damages it caused. I guess this is just one of the signs of the 'end of time' as everyone says. Few weeks back, when I heard about the 9.1 earthquake and the disastrous tsunami in Japan, my mind was blown away. Everyone sending text messages, posting on facebook or any blog to pray for Japan and the other countries that had been hit by the Japan tsunami. And because of that, everyone around the globe become united through prayer. Inspite of all the disaster hitting Japan and the other countries, let us remember one thing. That there is a God in heaven that hears our prayer.

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