30 Mar 2011

Your the first thing that I remembered when I woke up.

I met him last summer, because of my stupid joke that turned out to be -every girl's fantasy during that event. HAHA! We exchanged numbers, and after that event, we were texting and until we end liking each other, and having some sweet moments during the second time we met, then he visited me in the university where I was going. Until, he decided to leave the country. I miss him.You know, even though we weren't together. We acted like we were, we both know what we felt for each other. But it was only normal to both of us. Everyone says we look so good together. It's so hard to explain. He's the only guy that stands out among all the other guys I've met. He cared a lot for me, and I also did for him. Talking to him, is something that makes my day perfect. You know that feeling, he makes me happy in his simple and childish attitude. He wrote a letter for me, and that was so sweet of him. Those letter's means so much to me. And everytime I read it, it makes me feel like he's not thousand miles away, it's just like he's near me. Before he left, we met for the last time, he gave me his jacket, he hugged me and told me that he is sorry because he have to leave. I didn't gave him anything and I was still to stunned to say anything to him. I think, I hold on too much on our sweet memories. Girls, tend to hold on, because of those sweet memories. Though, I'm not expecting anything, he's a handsome guy,  an athlete, rich, and I know a lot of girls like him.He's outside the country now, even though he told me he'd come back. Well, who knows? Like they said, time will tell if your really meant for each other.

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