22 Jun 2011

ArtPetron: Lakbay Pinoy -- To join or not?

To join or not? Lakbay Pinoy is the theme for the Vision Petron contest this year. And yesterday, the Vision Petron group came to our school and launched this. I got lucky for attending the launching, I got a souvenier! Haha! At first, I wasn't really intending to join, but yesterday after the launching, it kept on going over and over in my head wether to join or not. But there's a part of me, deep inside me that I want to join. But the other part of me says I shouldn't, because in my head, I'm thinking,maybe my entree will not be as good as the others, my works won't be appreciated or noticed, or I simply just can't do it.
I always wanted to join Art contests, I always look up to those students in AUP that joins this contest, and they get fortunate that they even got a price! I'm already in my second year college and I still have not experienced this kind of things, and if you look back, when I was in my freshmen year, I told myself I would join when I turn second year, but there's something hindering me, I'm thinking I lack the skill to join this contest. So you might think that I'm such a pessimistic person, but I'm trying to change that attitude of mine. Honestly, I still can't decide. I still have no idea what category should I join, if in painting, I still have no idea what to paint. I hope God will help me and give me ideas, I will update you on monday! ciao!

Visit them: www.visionpetron.com