29 Jun 2011

Going NEON!

so that's the theme for our acquaintance party this first semester. And I have no idea what to wear! Seriously, If you check my closet, my clothes are not that colorful. I mostly prefer neutral hues on my clothes, if not neutral, I prefer warm colors like- red, brownish-orange, blue, bit darker of red-violet, bit dark of bluish-green-- colors like that b'coz they are easy to pair with and I like how those colors match with everything I wear, and also to my body and skin color, just perfect! But speaking of NEON colors,  I don't have much idea or knowledge about what to wear or pair with NEON colored clothes, but I like NEON colors, thought the color is too bright it gives a happy aura/feeling. or like you feel good about yourself when you wear NEON colored-clothes, also I feel hyper when I see those NEON colors. haha. I don't know why, but that's just how it is:)
I found these pictures in lookbook, I was looking for any inspiration on NEON colored outfits, and these pictures are absolutely fab! :D
I want to do these make up!





-- All of the pictures area absolutely fab! I hope today I could find a fabulous NEON outfit! Goodluck for me! Ye!



  1. I love the second look...the mini short and the pink one...that would rock! goodluck and have fun! looking forward for your party photos:)

  2. me too! I love that pink one:) thanks!^^