13 Jun 2011

First day of school, Already in second yr college, same place, same faces, same food!

I know I'm being ridicule about the title, but it's true! haha.Yes, I'm already in second yr college, and I feel so old when someone(esp. freshmen students) call me "ATE SHINE", it's so-- nakakapanibago. Last year I was a freshmen and I don't know anyone in this campus, and right now, immediately I'm a Sophomore! You know that feeling when you're already in the sophomore year, wether in highschool or college, we ought to think like-- "yes! 2nd year na ako!"  It kept me thinking, what's the big deal about it? Does it mean that if your on a higher year level, it means your more supreme than the freshmens? Honestly, I also don't know and I'm "feeling" that right now, and it does feel good though. HaHa. Even though I'm already a sophomore student, I still don't know a lot of people in this campus, because I'm not that talkative nor friendly, I guess? Anyway, atleast I have good friends here, and I want to keep them.


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