12 Jun 2011

Saturday night-- EASTWOOD bazaar = SHOPPING!

Have I told you that I also love bazaars/tiangge's? Yes, speaking of my great love for thrift/vintage boutiques, I also love love bazaars!

is a merchandising area, marketplace, or street of shops where goods and services are exchanged or sold. The term is sometimes also used to refer to the "network of merchants, bankers and craftsmen" who work that area.The word derives from the Persian word bāzār, the etymology of which goes back to the Middle Persian word baha-char (بهاچار), meaning "the place of prices".Although the current meaning of the word is believed to have originated in Persia, its use has spread and now has been accepted into the vernacular in countries around the world. In North America, the term can be used as a synonym for a "rummage sale", to describe charity fundraising events held by churches or other community organizations, in which donated, used goods, such as books, clothes, and household items are sold for low prices, or else the goods may be new and handcrafted (or home-baked), as at a church's Christmas bazaar.

You can also find fab stuff in bazaars at low prices. Though there are "some" bazaars that still have high-price, but sometimes, that price is already cheaper than the mall-price or even in online shops.
Anyway, we went to eastwood last night, since we already brought the car here in manila, me and my brother were roaming around Q.C up to Pasig City, then after we picked-up her gf from work, we ate dinner, and went to eastwood. It was all fun, atleast having your own car wouldn't cost you a lot of money and time, rather than riding on a taxi and pay a very high price! Imagine, "uupo ka palang sa taxi 40 pesos agad!"
Ate Pat, accompanied me to the bazaar, though I didn't buy much, the bazaar was quite cheap! There was a shoe stand there, and i just love their shoes, very fab! Prices range not more than 1k, the studded heels I saw were only 700! I wanted to buy it, but in the end I didn't, I just bought the fringed- ankle boots with heels, bought it at 750! and I also got this cute-vintagey robot ring and vintagey shirt! hihi! I lalalabit! <3 Can't wait to go for another bazaar-marathon soon!

(sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I only used the webcam of my lappy)




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