17 Jun 2011

First friday. First Starbucks-- AGAIN. First semester 2011.

This is the first friday this semester. And I also had my first starbucks, AGAIN this semester. LOL. haha.

I remembered, when the barista there in starbucks asked for my name, he thought it was "san-chai", the character in Meteor Garden way back 2005 I think? Haha. It was funny, coz I pronounced it 2 times and he kept on saying "san-chai". I missed staying for hours in starbucks. I just love the aura and the friendly baristas  in starbucks, I used to go there during weekend and just study or bring my laptop. And the starbucks in Paseo de Sta. Rosa will always remain special to me because of "something". haha. It's a secret that I'm the only one knows. Have a great weekend everyone!

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